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Chicago Alderman Proposes to Restrict Gunfire and Crime to Certain Hours by Gang Members

Aug 27, 2023

In a move that has raised eyebrows across Chicago, Alderman Maria Hadden, a Democrat, has thrown her support behind a proposed ordinance by the group Native Sons, calling for a so-called ‘People’s Ordinance.’ This ordinance would restrict gun usage and crimes for gang members and criminals, from 9 am to 9 pm, in an attempt to curb the city’s escalating crime problem.

The Native Sons’ campaign, titled ‘United For A Safe Summer,’ promotes the idea of “PROTECT THE YOUTH NO SLIDING WHILE THE SUN IS OUT,” in all-caps for added emphasis. Their argument is that by limiting gunshots and crime during daylight hours, innocent Chicagoans not involved in high-risk activities will be safer. However, this plea has been met with widespread skepticism.

Tatiana Atkins, co-founder of Native Sons, acknowledges the need for strategic solutions to Chicago’s gun violence problem but emphasizes that change will not happen overnight. While her intentions may be well-meaning, many critics argue that the proposal is impractical and fails to address the root causes of the city’s crime issues.

Furthermore, the ordinance also calls for people to “stop associating with and glorifying” shooters, a notion that has raised concerns about infringing on personal freedoms and civil liberties. There is no formal legislation for this ordinance as of now, and it remains more of a social media-driven movement rather than a concrete plan of action.

Chicago has been grappling with rising crime rates for years, and despite efforts by its leaders, the situation continues to worsen. The city has witnessed a 34 percent increase in total crimes compared to the previous year and an alarming 82 percent increase compared to 2021. While murders have seen a slight decrease, robberies and motor vehicle thefts have surged by 20 percent and 107 percent, respectively.

Mayor Brandon Johnson, who took office in May, has been facing an uphill battle in his efforts to combat crime in the Windy City. A recent incident involving a mob of teenagers trashing a 7-Eleven store in the South Loop highlights the challenges faced by law enforcement.

In summary, while Alderman Hadden’s and Native Sons’ intentions to reduce gun violence are commendable, their proposed ‘People’s Ordinance’ limiting gun usage to specific hours has been met with skepticism. Many argue that such a measure oversimplifies the complex issue of crime in Chicago and fails to address its root causes effectively.

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