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China’s Saboteurs Are Coming across the America boarder.

Jul 3, 2023
Chinese nationals detained trying to cross the U.S-Mexico border.

According to war correspondent Michael Yon, there is a notable influx of Chinese migrants entering the United States through the southern border. While the majority of these migrants are driven by desperation and a desire for a better life for themselves and their families, there is evidence to suggest that some individuals have ulterior motives, including acts of sabotage. Chinese society currently experiences a sense of distress and gloom, leading many individuals to wait patiently for visas in hot conditions outside U.S. consulates in Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou.

Although many Chinese migrants endure long waits at consulates, a significant number have found alternative routes through the southern border, resulting in an unprecedented surge. U.S. Customs and Border Protection reports a substantial increase in apprehensions of Chinese migrants compared to previous years, with the number quadrupling in the same period last year.

To reach the United States, some Chinese nationals are flying to Ecuador, where they can enter visa-free. They then travel to the Darien Gap, a dense jungle spanning 66 miles between Colombia and Panama. Crossing this natural barrier on foot, they continue their journey to America, often by bus, once they safely reach the northern side.

While some Chinese migrants are impoverished, many belong to the middle class and can afford to pay Mexican cartels up to $35,000 per person for assistance in crossing into the United States. This migration pattern has been described as resembling an animal stampede before an earthquake by a Chinese migrant named “Sam,” who crossed the border in February.

There are concerns that among the migrants, there are individuals affiliated with China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA). Representative Mark Green, chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, revealed that a Border Patrol sector chief informed him of Chinese migrants with known ties to the PLA. It is believed that China may be utilizing a strategy similar to Russia’s deployment of military personnel in Ukraine by sending military-linked individuals into the United States.

Despite their military affiliations, these migrants have been released into America. Numerous packs of Chinese males of military age, often unaccompanied by family members and pretending not to understand English, have been observed heading toward the American border after crossing the Darien Gap.

Upon arrival in the United States, these military-affiliated individuals can potentially connect with existing Chinese agents or diplomats already in place. The exact number of PLA fighters who have entered the United States through this method remains uncertain, with estimates ranging from 5,000 to 10,000. However, regardless of the actual figure, it is anticipated that more will follow.

These individuals are considered China’s shock troops, and concerns arise about their potential actions on the first day of a war in Asia. Possible scenarios include disrupting America’s power lines, contaminating water reservoirs, assassinating officials, starting wildfires, spreading pathogens, and conducting acts of terror such as bombing shopping malls and supermarkets. Additionally, it is highly likely that these saboteurs will target American military bases, as China has already attempted to infiltrate sensitive installations. Chinese agents posing as tourists have been apprehended for intruding into bases, such as Fort Wainwright in Fairbanks, Alaska, where they were found with a drone in their vehicle.

Richard Fisher of the International Assessment and Strategy Center noted that ancient Chinese strategists praised subterfuge and surprise as tactics for achieving victory. He suggests that when the Chinese Communist Party initiates a war against Taiwan and the United States, sleeper agents already present in America will likely target gas stations, while military-age Chinese migrants crossing the border will be mobilized for assassination attacks and assaults on U.S. military bases.

Consequently, it is highly probable that the next conflict in Asia will be fought on U.S. soil, potentially commencing on its first day. Unsuspecting Americans may find themselves drawn into this fight. While immigration contributes to the strength of a country, it is essential to recognize that among the Chinese migrants crossing the southern border, some individuals may have intentions of waging war against the United States.


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