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Video showing UFO turning on its axis while in flight

Aug 6, 2023

In response to recent claims regarding UFO videos released by the Pentagon and congressional hearings on UFOs, it is important to clarify the content of these videos and provide accurate information. The videos in question depict thermal images of advanced military technology rather than unidentified flying objects.

(UFO Navy Video)

The video captures an object displayed on the HUD (Head-Up Display) of a fighter aircraft, seemingly rotating on its axis. The audio accompanying the video mentions a “swarm” of these objects. However, a thorough analysis reveals that the object shown is most likely a MOKV (Multi-Object Kill Vehicle) or MKV (Multiple Kill Vehicle), depending on the specific time when the video was recorded.

The MKV is a component of the U.S. missile defense program designed to enhance national security by intercepting and neutralizing incoming ballistic missiles, including potential decoy targets. These MKVs possess the capability to hover and rotate on their axes while tracking inbound missiles. They employ kinetic energy-based warheads to intercept and destroy multiple ballistic threats.

The specific details of the MKV’s complete capabilities are classified due to security concerns. The development of this technology has undergone various phases, including a system development contract awarded to Lockheed Martin in early 2004. Notably, hover tests were conducted at the National Hover Test Facility at Edwards Air Force Base, California, in 2005 and 2006, followed by flight tests initiated in 2007.

It is worth mentioning that a test of the MOKV was conducted on December 2, 2008. Unfortunately, the project faced termination in April 2009 under the directive of Secretary of Defense Robert Gates. However, the MOKV program was subsequently revitalized in 2015.

For a visual demonstration of the MKV’s capabilities, a test video from 2008 is provided below. This video showcases the technology’s ability to hover and rotate while tracking simulated incoming missiles.

(MKV Test Video by Lockhead Martin in 2008)

In conclusion, the UFO videos recently released by the Pentagon depict thermal imagery of advanced missile defense technology, specifically the MKV or MOKV. These objects are not extraterrestrial in nature but rather represent a critical component of the United States’ missile defense efforts. The details surrounding the MOKVs technology’s complete functionality remain classified for national security reasons.

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