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Gallop released a shocking revelation

Jun 29, 2023

A new poll conducted by America’s biggest pollster Gallop released a shocking revelation – Americans are rapidly embracing social conservatism. What makes this discovery surprising is that it occurred during a period marked by aggressive censorship reminiscent of the era under FDR. Despite concerted efforts to silence opposing viewpoints, the intended impact seems to have backfired. In a previous discussion, I mentioned how citizen journalism has weakened the grip of traditional gatekeepers, and this poll further exemplifies that trend. Over a span of just two years, social conservatives experienced a remarkable surge of 11 percentage points, now accounting for approximately 58% or three out of five Americans who express a preference. This trend is particularly pronounced among Generation X, with a 13-point increase, and millennials, who are gravitating towards conservative values even more rapidly, with a 6-point rise among Generation Z, who are just beginning to face the realities of life.
So, what led to this shift? In my opinion, the left may have overplayed their hand. The rise of blogging in 1999 marked a significant democratization of public discourse, circumventing the traditional gatekeepers. Consequently, the concept of censorship itself became less relevant, as evident from the decline in searches for the term. However, after the 2008 financial crisis, and especially following the election of Donald Trump, the establishment realized they were losing their grip. Social media, once touted as a utopia for the left, turned into a nightmare as public sentiment shifted against them, and their monopoly on truth was challenged. Events like Brexit and Trump’s election solidified this transformation, with free speech on the internet supplanting the influence of traditional newspapers and television networks, which had long served as the establishment’s propaganda machines.
In response, the establishment began systematically silencing dissenting voices, starting with figures like Alex Jones and Milo Yiannopoulos. Then came the COVID-19 pandemic, which granted the left absolute power, leading to unprecedented measures such as the closure of churches, something unimaginable in Western societies since the Peace of Westphalia. However, this newfound power became a double-edged sword. It relied heavily on a fervent army of activists who proved to be uninterested in reason or dialogue. The elite had inadvertently grasped a tiger by its tail, unable to let go. Consequently, they were forced to escalate their pursuit of progressively absurd ideas, from distorting basic biology to indoctrinating children with divisive racial and gender narratives, which ran counter to America’s egalitarian principles that emphasize equality for all, including married Christians.
As a result, for millions of Americans, the term “social conservative” now simply signifies normalcy or common sense. With the restoration of free speech for the general populace, they have regained control. It remains uncertain whether America will shift entirely towards conservatism, but it is evident that a return to common sense is imminent. Although the left still holds considerable influence as the dominant establishment, its power has peaked, and the tide is turning. While it will take time to dismantle this behemoth, the signs of change are becoming increasingly apparent. We will continue to observe these developments closely. Until next time!

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