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Mysterious Chinese COVID Lab Uncovered in City of Reedley, CA, Raising Concerns about Illicit Activities

Jul 30, 2023

Reedley, CA – In a startling discovery, code enforcement officers stumbled upon an illegal laboratory operating within the city, involved in the production of COVID-19 tests and pregnancy tests, along with questionable bacterial and viral agents. The clandestine lab, which was meant to be an empty building, was revealed when authorities noticed a suspicious garden hose attached to the facility, prompting an investigation.

According to the MidValley Times’ report by Darren Fraser, the illegal operation has been in existence since October 2022 and is allegedly associated with Wang Zhaolin, purportedly affiliated with Prestige Biotech. The facility, located at 850 I Street, was reportedly producing a wide range of products, including COVID-19 and pregnancy test kits.

Authorities from the City of Reedley acted swiftly and called upon multiple agencies, including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the FBI, the State Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC), the State Department of Health, the California Department of Public Health (CDPH), and the Fresno County Department of Public Health (FCDPH).

A warrant was executed on March 16 to inspect the warehouse, where investigators uncovered alarming evidence. One room was used specifically for the production of COVID-19 and pregnancy tests. In other areas of the facility, officials discovered various bodily fluid samples, numerous unlabeled vials containing mysterious fluids, and a shocking 900 genetically engineered mice, designed to contract and carry COVID-19. Sadly, 773 of these mice were found in inhumane conditions and had to be euthanized, while another 178 were already dead.

The presence of an illicit Chinese company operating a COVID-19 test manufacturing unit in California raises several critical questions. It remains unclear why such an operation was established in Reedley, and more importantly, where these tests were intended to be distributed. Authorities are investigating potential links to California public health agencies, medical groups, and hospitals.

The involvement of the California Department of Public Health remains uncertain, and questions arise about who authorized the operation and what knowledge, if any, the Newsom administration had concerning this dubious laboratory.

During a subsequent investigation by the CDC’s Division of Select Agents and Toxins, potential infectious agents were discovered on the premises. These included bacterial and viral agents such as chlamydia, E. Coli, streptococcus pneumonia, hepatitis B and C, herpes 1 and 5, rubella, and even samples of malaria.

Xiuquin Yao has been identified as the alleged president of Prestige, but obtaining any substantial information from the company has been a challenge. The City of Reedley and FCDPH have struggled to receive satisfactory answers from David He, who claimed to be a representative of Prestige, regarding licensed medical waste disposal, the purpose behind storing infectious agents, and the company’s plans to address the biological abatement orders issued by FCDPH.

The investigation into this bizarre and disturbing discovery is still ongoing, and the public is eagerly awaiting updates on the matter. The Globe has made public records requests to the City of Reedly and the Fresno County Department of Public Health, aiming to unearth more information about the agencies’ communications and any documents found at the illegal lab location.

As this strange saga unfolds, questions abound about the true nature of the COVID-19 virus and the potential political implications surrounding its existence. Further updates and details are expected to shed light on this perplexing situation, as authorities work tirelessly to unravel the mysteries behind the Reedley lab.

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