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The left are losing there mind’s over “The sound of freedom”

Jul 11, 2023

Heather and I recently watched “The Sound of Freedom,” and it turned out to be quite different from our expectations. We anticipated a documentary-style presentation but were surprised to find that it was a feature film showcasing the remarkable endeavors of Tim Ballard in South America. Tim Ballard is renowned for his expertise in combating human and child trafficking, and he has even shared his experiences with Donald Trump, shedding light on the horrifying treatment suffered by these children, including the consumption of certain substances found in their bloodstream.

It is a harsh reality that millions of people worldwide are currently living in slavery, whether for labor or other exploitative purposes. Such operations depicted in the film are not isolated incidents but occur regularly, both abroad and within American borders. Those who closely follow this issue are familiar with the prevalence of stories like these, which unfold on a daily basis. As you watch the final clip, keep in mind the magnitude of this ongoing crisis.

Beyond the film itself, what fascinated us was the response from mainstream media outlets. The Washington Post dismissed it as a low-budget production about sex trafficking, while The Guardian referred to it as a questionable adjacent thriller, seducing America. Rolling Stone’s commentary labeled it as a superhero movie for fathers with distorted perspectives. Some even insinuated that the film was not based on a true story. The media’s reaction raises the question of why certain entities seek to divert attention from such crucial matters and hinder awareness.

Unfortunately, for those who follow this issue closely, the answer is not surprising. As one of the film’s poignant lines, spoken by Jim Caviezel portraying Tim Ballard, suggests, most ordinary individuals prefer to avoid discussing these distressing topics. It is simply too grim for polite conversation. However, the truth goes beyond a mere disinterest in learning about these issues. Certain media outlets, including Rolling Stone, The Guardian, The Washington Post, and CNN, are not simply uninterested; they actively suppress information and prevent you from knowing the full extent of these atrocities. If you are watching this video, I am confident you understand why this is the case.

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