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Is Big Brother getting more control?

Jul 8, 2023
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In Brzezinski’s book “Between Two Ages,” he discusses a chronic error made by Henry, which involves the gradual emergence of a tightly controlled society. This society would be dominated by an elite group that disregards traditional values. The vision is to establish nearly constant surveillance over every citizen and maintain up-to-date files containing highly personal information. These files would be readily accessible, thanks to a data retrieval system that was promptly implemented by the then-President, Barack Obama. It’s worth noting that Brzezinski served as an advisor to President Obama.

One of President Obama’s initial actions was to advocate for a second bank stimulus bill, which was approved for $787 billion in February 2009. Notably, this bill included an allocation of $36.5 billion to establish a nationwide network for electronic health records, accessible for immediate retrieval by authorities. Coincidentally, during this time, there was also a push by certain drug companies to employ biomedical technologies and verichip implants for monitoring patients’ compliance with their prescribed medications. Fortunately, none of these companies succeeded in implementing such practices.

However, a UK-based company called Walletmore, founded in 2020, seems to be making a renewed attempt at introducing implant technology. Moreover, the World Economic Forum recently partnered with a leading biometrics company to advance its agenda of digitizing humans. Swedish biometrics firm, Fingerprint Cards, has become a prominent player in this endeavor within the Western world. The World Economic Forum promotes biometric forms of digital ID, claiming that such technology fosters social inclusion.

Furthermore, the Department of Homeland Security is seeking to assign risk scores akin to a social credit system to social media users. Their project, Night Fury, aims to employ automation in detecting and assessing social media accounts for connections to terrorism, illegal opioid distribution, and disinformation campaigns. It is important to tread cautiously when discussing certain topics, especially when it comes to the CIA’s involvement in opium distribution.

Notably, former President Barack Obama has also called for the control of digital fingerprints and the suppression of misinformation. In essence, this involves manipulating the narrative upheld by the establishment. In addition to these developments, the Federal Reserve announced the upcoming launch of the FedNow service, set to track and trace every transaction, tax payment, or lack thereof. Meanwhile, the World Health Organization is advocating for universal vaccine passports by 2020, and the United Nations Development Bank is promoting a digital ID system linked to bank accounts, with the ultimate goal of introducing digital currency.

These systems, presented as Trojan horses under the guise of social protection, cybersecurity, and prevention of fraud, are far from the reality they claim to represent. Their objective is to connect individuals, services, and entities within a network that can be seemingly controlled by unelected bureaucrats. Welcome to the world of Big Brother—enjoy the journey!

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